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Standard Courses

At Managed AIS we provide our clients with the training required to become more productive using their new publishing and Database technology. Our publishing specialists share their own expert knowledge and experience to ensure that each course achieves positive results. In the last 5 years we have provided training to over 200 AIS professionals from all over the world.

apsXML Structured eAIP Courses
    M-AIS apsXML® (Author) - eAIP Editorial Course
    M-AIS apsXML® (Advanced) - eAIP Administrator Course
FrameAPS Unstructured AIP Courses
    M-AIS FrameAPS® (Author) - AIP Editorial Course
    M-AIS FrameAPS® (Advanced) - AIP Administrator Course
FrameMaker Professional Training
    Adobe FrameMaker - Working with Structured Documents and Books
    Adobe FrameMaker - Working with Unstructured Documents and Books
    Adobe FrameMaker (Advanced) - Template Design Workshop
AIXM Data Validation Training
    AIXM Data Manager - Data User
    AIXM Data Manager - Data Administrator
    AIS Data Exchange Processor - Training Course
    ICAO AIS Automation - Training Course