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May 2016

M-AIS are looking forward to welcoming you to stand #5 at the GLOBAL-AIM conference organised by IFAIMA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 17-19th May 2016. Come and see what we can do to help you keep pace with your AIM needs.

March 2016

It is great to see the latest eAIP from Belgocontrol up and running. This is the conclusion of a long-term project by the team at Belgocontrol with some on-site help from M-AIS. The eAIP combines Belgium and Luxembourg in addition to Civil and Military information within the same document set. The site works well and looks fantastic, well done guys!

Link to the site here.

January 2016

Congratulations to ISAVIA who have published the first full Icelandic eAIP with PDF and HTML. See the press release here.

The eAIP looks great thanks to a great team effort at ISAVIA with support from the team here at M-AIS. ISAVIA's AIP and AIM team have been supported by M-AIS and M-AIS products for 10+ years with recent cooperation resulting in upgrades to the AIXM data mangement suite and of course the eAIP production software FrameAPS.

December 2015

Year 10 Complete for M-AIS

It has been another busy and profitable year for Managed AIS with new staff employed, 3 big software updates released, new clients trained and old clients updating systems. We have seen a resurgent interest in 2nd line documentation needs now that the eAIP is a stable and everyday occurence for the APS system users. We helped Portugal complete the conversion of thier old VFR Manual toa shiny new eVFR Manual with content in both Portuguese and English. Also many clients are asking for MATS (Manual of Air Traffic Services) assistance so we expect to be busy in 2016.

Jun 2015

M-AIS exhibit at IFAIMA Conference in Vietnam.

M-AIS continue to Support the Global AIM effort and will again be joining IFAIMA at their annual Global AIM conference. This year the conference is in Vietnam and we will be exhibiting at the event. Come and see us on stand in the exhibition hall if you are attending.

May 2015

Kazakhstan Takes FrameMaker® and APS Training in Edinburgh.

We are pleased to welcome Kazakhstan as the latest users of APSXML. Now that they have mastered other parts of the EAD it is now the turn of the eAIP team.

Training is due to take place in June 2015 and we look forward to meeting them at our Edinburgh training centre.

October 2014

The FrameAPS User Group meet up in Edinburgh October 2014.

In Edinburgh the EAD users of APSXML met for the annual 2-Day User Meeting and Workshop. The meeting was hosted at the M-AIS offices and was packed out with users from all over Europe and beyond. Navcanada attended for the 3rd Year in a row.

Users from over 10 client States attended and took part in detailed discussions on the development of R9 and operational questions to the team. On the 2nd day we had the opportunity to showcase the recent new developments in the product and let the users get hands on time with new release R9.

June 2014

Iceland Expands AIM Team, Chooses M-AIS for AIXM Training and Upgrade.

M-AIS are pleased that following the successful rollout of their upgraded AIM solution. Long-time client ISAVIA have taken on a new data management expert to help keep thier new system up to date.

M-AIS have provided a full service to ISAVIA, supplying the software, services and training for the upgrade.


Isavia have selected APSXML for their eAIP software, after using our FrameAPS software for more than 10 years for their traditional AIP production. The ease of use of the software alongside its reliability through the years make it the best choice going forward. The experts at M-AIS who have helped more than 20 Countries to convert to the eAIP will be performing the conversion for ISAVIA, making the transition quick and easy.

AIXM Database and ADQ

As UK NATS have found over the last 10 years, the M-AIS data management solution offers end-to-end data integrity unparalleled by other market solutions. Isavia are upgrading their current database for AIP to encompass the entire Data Chain.

The solution will allow them to integrate their WGS-84 Surveys, Obstacle Management, Pans-Ops, Charting and. Of course, eAIP. Data can be imported and exported from the eTOD areas have been added to the suite to allow full end-to end publishing of Annex 15 data and information.

May 2013


M-AIS continue to Support the Global AIM effort and will again be joining IFAIMA at their annual Global AIM conference.

This year the conference is in Istanbul and we will be exhibiting at the event.

Come and see us at Stand 1 in the exhibition hall if you are attending.